Storage Services For Your Move
Storage Services

Storage Services For Your Move

Relocating typically requires more than just packing your belongings into boxes and moving them across the city, state, or country. Depending on your lease agreements, closing time-frame, and general itinerary, you might also need reputable storage solutions to help maintain your belongings secure throughout the moving process.

At Space Force Moving, we provide economical, safe and secure packing, transport, and storage services for your move. We can store your products at our warehouses conveniently located throughout the country while you’re waiting to close on the deal for your brand-new home, preparing to place your old home on the market, or simply need help with moving and storing your excess belongings.

We provide several types of storage space services so you can choose the best one for your specific needs, including:

  • Long-term storage space
  • Temporary storage
  • Storage-in-transit for as much as 180 days

At Space For Moving we ensure that our facilities meet the high safety standards set by the US military as well as federal government. Regardless of what you’re storing with us or for how long, you can rest assured that your possessions are safe at all times.

Our services include helping you pack and load your items prior to you storing them with us, this is especially helpful for things that are particularly vulnerable to damaging. We’ll wrap them safely so that when you recover your items, they’ll be in the very same condition you left them in.

When you find yourself needing a trustworthy moving crew and storage services anywhere in the continental U.S. turn to Space Force Moving. We know the moving and storage industries inside-out and we’ll ensure you’re well taken care of.

Contact us today to get a free estimate for your moving and storage needs.

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    Best Guys in life town. Honest, professional and on time. Thank you Space Force !

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